Management philosophy

Provide accurate and on time language services to support the global communications of our customers and contribute to the domestic and overseas growth and development of Japanese companies.

Founder and director Charles E. McKenney

I have spent over 30 years dedicated to understanding and applying the mechanism of communication and intent.
Communicating through a voice that conveys the intent of our customer.

CMC supports the global activities of our customers by serving as a concierge of communication to proving translation and other language services that convey the intended message.


About us

Business name

CMC Language Services

Founder and director

Charles E. McKenney


April 2002


280 Tenjinyama-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8221 Ishikan Bldg., 5F-31





Translation and other language services, English conversation and training, design, publishing, etc.