I list of frequently asked questions is provided below.

For any other questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us via telephone or email.

A.You can use the “Free Quote” form on our website to contact us. An account manager will contact you shortly.
You also can contact us via telephone (075-741-8105) or email (estimates@cmc-ls.com)

A.We will confirm the following when providing an estimate.

-Desired delivery date

-Intended use (for internal use or public disclosure, web or print publishing, intended audience, etc.)

-Need for document reformatting (level of recreation)

-Delivery format (file format, security, etc.)

-Existence of term glossary or other reference materials (need for consistency with existing materials)

The account manager may request other information necessary to providing a more accurate quote. 

A.Turnaround will vary depending on the source material but we will indicate a deadline in our free quote.

For normal delivery, we request 3-4 business days for 1-4 pages (up to 2000 words).
Expedited service is possible. If you require same day or next day delivery, additional rush charges (20% to 100% of standard fees) may apply. Our ability to meet special request may depend on the document content and translator scheduling. 

A. Please give us a call. We will work hard to fulfill your needs. 

A.We accept payments via bank transfer or wire transfer (the customer is responsible for all fees associated with the transfer).