*AM (Account Manager)
The AM serves as the point of contact for our customers. In addition to client development, the AM responds to inquiries and estimate requests, confirms order specifications, and oversees delivery, invoicing, and after-care. 

*PM (Project Manager)
The PM managed workflow after an order is received. The PM manages delivery schedules and external resources (translators, editors, etc.), creates and manages project workflows, assists AMs with estimates, and works to expand our resource network. 

*QM (Quality Manager)
The QM is responsible for project editing and quality control. The QM confirms that project work has been conducted in accordance with CMC’s internal quality standards and customer specifications. 

① Inquiry from customer.

② After a source document check (word/character count, document layout, etc.), we confirm client specifications (desired deadline, document intended use, etc.) and then provide an estimate.

③ After receiving order request, the AM sends a project order consisting of the source material and project specifications to the PM.

④The PM confirms the project order and assigns the appropriate translator and editing team.

⑤ The translator delivers the completed translation to the PM and the QM.

⑥ The QM checks the translation and, if necessary, returns the document to the translator for corrections.

⑦ The translator responds to any QM inquiries and then delivers the completed translation to the PM.

⑧ The PM confirms that all work has been completed per project specifications and then delivers the completed project to the AM.

⑨ The AM confirms the project fulfills all specifications and then delivers the completed work to the client.

● Following delivery, the AM responds to any client inquiries (feedback, questions, etc.).