CMC Language Services (CMC) is offering free Japanese to English translation services beginning Monday April 20, 2020 to assist with the expected increase in inquiries related to foreigners in Japan due to the novel coronavirus. Through this service, CMC hopes to contribute to smooth communication and the resolution of issues facing foreigners in Japan during the ongoing pandemic.

Based in Kyoto, CMC offers various language services such as translation, interpreting, and writing. CMC’s director, Charles E. McKenney (born in Chicago, currently residing in Kyoto), is a 20-year veteran of the translation industry contributing to the global communications of Japanese companies.

A native English speaker, McKenney studied at Doshisha University and later received the JUSEC Fulbright Fellowship to research Contemporary Japanese Literature at Kansai University Graduate School. McKenney applies his unique combination of experiences and expertise towards providing high-quality, natural translation. McKenney has exceptionally advanced Japanese language skills, having achieved a perfect score on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N1, the highest level.

CMC makes this announcement in hopes of contributing in the following ways. 
•Reduce workload for service desks responding to the novel coronavirus
•Assist with responses related to the novel coronavirus for foreigners in Japan
•Assist with overseas information dissemination related to the novel coronavirus

•Service: Free translation from Japanese to English up to 500 source characters.
Limited to content related to the novel coronavirus and relevant information.
•Delivery timeline: As soon as 1-2 business days from request receipt (business day: weekdays excluding weekends and holidays)
*Up to 3-4 business days in the event of a backlog of requests.
*Requests will be processed in order. We will provide a delivery schedule at the time of request.
•Period: Monday, April 20 to Friday, May 29, 2020 *Period may be revised.
•Request volume: First 3 requests per day. 1 request per facility, per day (new requests accepted on subsequent days).
•Applicability: Medical institutions, testing centers, city offices, banks, etc.

Visit the CMC Language Services website for details:

CMC Language Services